We have begun a new venture with Redhill, manufacturing premium quality titanium swivels for the bird of prey industry. 

On Monday Mr Neil Davies brought a beautiful 2 year old falcon down which weighed less than 1kg (a bag of sugar), and our M.D got to grips with falconry first hand, or should i say the falcon got to grips with our M.D's left hand. 

We were very grateful for the visit with the falcon, and now have a great appreciation for the stunning design of these creatures, Neil is a walking encyclopedia on birds of pray and informed us that the legendary spitfire wing design is based on the wing of a falcon.

We enjoyed his visit and hope for more in the future.


Birds of prEy



Our thoughts are with all those affected by the Coronavirus outbreak and we want to assure you that the health and well-being of our staff, as well as of our suppliers and customers, remains our top priority.  

We are fortunate now after a short furlough period to be able to continue to operate in this challenging environment and are pleased to be in a position to continue to support our customers.  

At this time, there are no known issues with our ability to meet the demand of our current order book and, based on current information, we do not anticipate any further interruption in our continuity of supply in the near term.



Big night out bowling

Friday night Excel got together for a bowling night out, arranged by Craig Evans. the night was an eventful one with some going for a meal before hand before everyone converged in Ten pin Swansea for a 6 o clock session on three bowling lanes. The clear winner was Alfie, who bowled everyone over with 4 consecutive strikes in a row and won both rounds, with top score of over 160 points. 

Mr Evans has said that he will organised another event in February with a day in Cardiff to support the team, in the six nations. 6/11/19